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Friday, June 26, 2015


Flag Day was June 14.
Few American flags
flew from Albany homes. 

America is being radically
transformed by politicians
and their special interest
supporters, all  of whom 
despise America and our 

Our history is what it is.

Study it objectively and 
learn from it.

Like it or not, The Battle Flag
of the Army of Northern Virginia
and The Stars and Stripes are
part of our history as a Nation.

Did those who fought and died
for those flags,  die in vain?

Why did these men and hundreds
of thousands more, so value a flag?
Our Nation is once again divided.

This time we have a President
who is a divider, a Congress that
has surrendered it's legislative
authority and a Supreme Court
which is nothing more than a
pawn of the President.

As President Lincoln said " a
house divided will not stand".

The home front has become
the front line in our battle
to survive as a Nation.

Wise up! Shape up!  Before
the good ship America, and
all  aboard, slip beneath the
shark invested waters of time.

Government cannot save us.
Government is the problem.

We must save ourselves and
our Constitutional Republic
using the political framework
established by the Founders
of this once Great Nation.

"Use it or lose it"!

                               Joe Sullivan

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