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Monday, August 22, 2016


Thousands of relations from the
Western and Northern parishes
of the Beara Peninsula of West
Cork went to Butte, Montana.

Grand Uncle Black Jim Sullivan
ran a saloon on the Anaconda Road
in "Doublin Gulch".

4 Sullivan brothers from Inchinteskin
went to Butte: Mike, Black Jim , Black
Tim and Johnny.

Grandmother Julia Harrington
Sullivan, widow of my grandfather
Michael J Sullivan, ran a boarding
house across from Black Jim's saloon.

Grandfather Mike died in the Rhyolite
Nevada gold camp.

Julia's father, my great grandfather
Sean Harrington A Buaile ( Sean of the
Field)  Julia and her brothers John
Dan, Jeremiah all went to Butte from
Allihies mines, Beara.

Grandmother Julia brought her 4
surviving children back to Beara in
1913. They went to my grand uncle
and her uncle, Paddy Owen O Sullivan
Sounish's farm in Killaugh.

My father Joe, went to the farm of
his aging grandparents Sean Mhichil Anna
O Sullivan and Johanna O Sullivan Shearhig
in Inchinteskin.

Grand Uncle Black Jim returned in 1917.

                                   Joe Sullivan

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