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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Dogs are the most loyal of God's creatures.

Mick passed away at 1 PM EST today as I held him close.
He had one ear up listening to my last words to him
His eyes were fixed on something I could not see. Suddenly, he started to run in place at full speed. He slipped away at a slow trot.

As he lay there he was standing tall, as dogs do when they meet.
I knew that he had rushed to meet his brother Red Paddy
who crossed the great divide at Noon, October 25, 2016. Paddy
refused to eat his cheddar cheese omelette, but agreed to share
at bottle of Bavarian Malt Lager before he slipped away.

They were litter mates who were never separated in life, or in death.
15 wonderful years we spent together. Paddy and Mick are
together again, this time forever more.

I am now, truly the lonerangeralbany without my loyal sidekicks.
RIP Red Paddy and Spotted Mick. Please God, we will one day be
reunited for eternity.

You can read Paddy and Mick's Dog letter to the Ayatollah
responding to his Dog Fatwa. Click on the link right column .

Listen to this song in memory of Red Paddy and Spotted Mick:

                                                  Joe  Sullivan

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