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Sunday, February 26, 2017


Friday night a storm passed 
by, bringing heavy rains
flushing away some of the salt
and grime, from roadways
sidewalks and parking lots.

The heavy rains also cleared
away the salt laden smog that
has hung over Albany for the
past several weeks.

More heavy rain may arrive

When will the public wise up?

Excessive use of salt in winter

* destroys our expensive vehicles
   bridges and roadways. as well
   as underground gas and water
* kills street trees
* wind born salt sandblasts our
   homes and buildings requiring
   more frequent, expensive
* airborne salt smog is a health
* salt on roads and sidewalks is
   a health hazard to our dogs

In sum, excessive use of salt has
detrimental impacts on personal
and government finances, harms
our environment and creates
health problems for humans
and animals.

The solution?  Drivers should slow
down in bad weather. Local and
state governments should reduce
and, ideally, eliminate salt 
spreading , employ sand
and other less detrimental 

                         Joe Sullivan


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