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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Three men are secretly plotting a number of
tax/fee increases in a vain attempt to close an
estimated 16 billion dollar state budget shortfall.

The three men are: the Governor, State Senate
Majority Leader and Assembly Speaker. All are
Democrats and all are from New York City.

Elected state Republican officeholders are
excluded from the process, and elected Democrats
in the Senate and Assembly from Upstate are
excluded as well. The votes of the latter are taken
for granted because of party loyalty.

When will elected officeholders put America and
New York State before party allegiance?

If elected members of the Congress and State
Legislature would stand together; they could
dramatically impact policies, legislation and
budgets at the federal and state levels.

The Governor has announced 8,900 job cuts
from the state workforce as a budget cutting
measure. Read:

Wrong move! It makes no sense to put
American citizens out of work, when New
York is overrun with tens of millions of illegal
aliens who work off the books, many in the
drug trade, and many who receive social
services, medical care, and education, all at
public taxpayer expense.

If the Governor, Senate Majority Leader and
Assembly Speaker would end the sanctuary
policy of the state with regard to illegal aliens
requiring proof of U S Citizenship for jobs
social services, medical care and education
benefits; illegal aliens would voluntarily
leave the state. Add to this deportation of all
illegals from state and local prisions.

These policies and actions would close New
York's budget gap and make jobs available to
U S citizens resident in New York, promoting
long term economic growth, and reductions
in crime, in New York.

People with assets and job skills are fleeing
New York at ever increasing rates. New York
faces of future of being home to a poulation
of elderly and poor who will not be able to
pay for the government services, schools
nursing homes, hospitals and medical care
that they will expect and require.

The Governor and Legislature must cut
spending to balance the budget, and the place
to start is dealing with the costs of illegal
immigration resulting from a sanctuary
policy and the billions of dollars that policy
costs citizen taxpayers in New York.

Joe Sullivan

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