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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Morris seeks safer streets: Albany mayoral
candidate cites Pine Hills attacks as need
for community policing.

Times Union, Sat, 3/21/09 pB1
by David Filkins.

Morris posed in front of CVS on Madison Ave
and "railed against the Albany Police
Department and Mayor Jerry Jennings."

Why not blame the perps and their prey
boozed up students?

Metroland 3/19/09 had a more objective
view of the issue:
read Victims 101 by Cecelia Martinez

Morris has been in office 16 years.
Why hasn't she provided leadership to
address the street crime problem in all
that time?

The 7th ward (Delaware Ave and tributary
streets) Morris' home ward, has become
crime ridden and blighted on Morris' watch.
She is going to save the the city from a similar
fate? There is nothing in her record in public
office that would support that contention.

The TU article says: "Morris unvelied a
three-pronged strategy for reducing crime
in the city. It included more community
policing by the Albany Police Department
using economic stimulus funds to focus on
youth crime prevention, and implementing
the recommendations from the Gun Violence
Task Force.

No Morris leadership or originality here!
The APD has been engaged in community
policing efforts for years. The economic
stimulus monies run out in 26 months.
Then what? Council Member Dom Calsolaro
was the driving force behind the establishment
of the Gun Violence Task Force.
Dom is supporting fellow Council Member
Corey Ellis for Mayor.

Morris has no record of accomplishment
to show for her 16 years in office.
She has undercut the mayor police chief
and Albany police Department at every turn
to further her own political ambitions.

Morris does not have what it takes
to lead Albany

Joe Sullivan

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