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Monday, April 6, 2009




Holy Week has begun.

Radical Islamists are still waging a "Holy War"
against Western Civilization. The Obama
policy is to "talk" with those who want to
kill us , destroy our nation and way of
life. Today's TU cartoon has it right.

President Obama apologizes to Europe and
the world for the arrogance of America, but
neglects to pay homage to the American dead
lying in the cemeteries of Normandy, and
throughout the world. These veterans gave
their lives so that we, Europeans, Japanese
Koreans, Iraqis ,and others, might live in
freedom. Ingrates in Europe have forgotten.

Obama did not bring the troops home as
he promised. He is just shifting them to
Afghanistan and likely Africa, not to
combat terror, but to engage in a
"contingency" operation.

Where have all the "Bring Home to Troops
Now" lawn signs gone?

One party control in Albany and Washington
is destroying America.

Leftist Albany mayoral contenders, and
their TU mouthpiece, are focused on
bulls eye BS, distracting voters from vital issues
like gun violence and an upcoming Albany
May school budget vote that will contain a huge
property tax increase, despite the city schools
receiving large amounts of federal stimulus and
state aid, while failing the students, parents and
taxpayers. (See March post, this site, city schools
the major issue in 2009 Albany City elections).

The RC Diocese of Albany is closing scores of
churches and schools in Albany, Troy, Cohoes
Watervliet and Schenectady. The unintended
consequence of this short sighted action is
the poliferation of urban decay and blight.
The politicians and flock stand silently by
with nary a bleat. (See March post this site)

The one party (NYC Democrat) state budget
eliminates the STAR rebate program, as seniors
and other homeowners have suffered significant
losses in their retirement savings because of a
failed government policy that extended "don't
ask, don't tell" mortgages to people who had
no financial ability or history to pay those
mortgages. Realtors, bankers, lawyers, and
others, all cashed in on record high inflated
home prices.

Smart meters, that will allow the government
through utility companies, to control your
home thermostat settings, are coming. Does
freshman Congressman Paul Tonko support
this? Scott Murphy? Chuckie Shumer?
Kirsten Gillebrand?

We do not need smart meters, we need
smart voters.

The 2010 federal, state, and local Democratic
primaries and November elections afford
smart voters an opportunity to regain control
of government.

Governor Paterson appears to be a goner.
Gillebrand is tied to him. Her advocacy of
the Dream Act, affording college tuition
to illegal aliens, coupled with her shift
on Second Amendment Rights of law
abiding citizens, erases Upstate and
suburban support she needs to survive
a likely primary in 2010.

Governor Paterson intends to lay off
nearly 9,000 state workers, American
citizens, to deal with a 16 billion dollar
state budget deficit. Yet, he signs a
2009 budget that increases state spending.

He and the members of his party that
control state and federal government
do nothing to secure our borders, end
sanctuary status for illegal aliens and
do nothing end the financial drain on
federal, state and local budgets caused
by tens of millions of illegals working
off the books, and receiving educational
medical and social service benefits; not
to mention the costs of crime and law

Chuckie, Gillebrand and the entire New
York Congressional Delegation are up for
primary and election in 2010.

All should be polled on their positions
regarding: (1) The Dream Act (2) Second
Amendment Rights (3) smart meters
(4) securing our borders (5) ending
New York's status as a sanctuary for
illegal aliens and (6) requiring valid
U S Citizenship to work, attend school
or receive any social service benefits.

Smart voters can put New York and
America, BACK ON TRACK IN 2010.

Indifference, apathy, ignorance , celebrity
worship, beguiling politicians, vast amounts
of cash and greed, blind partyline voting and
media complicity have brought us to where
we are now.

Conservative Democrats and Republicans
start your engines! Get ready to mount
aggressive primaries and elections in 2010.

Time to take New York and America back!

America needs Resurrection!

Joe Sullivan

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