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Friday, April 17, 2009



The Tea Parties were very inspirational.

Now, what?

Informed political participation to put
New York and America back on course.


2009 is a local election year.

Party primaries to select party candidates
are held in September. Primaries have very
low turnouts ( 3 to 20 percent of eligible
party members.)

1. Become informed and be sure to vote
in your political party primary.

This is when the enrolled members of a
political party nominate the candidate(s)
who will have that party ballot line in the
November General Election.

You are an Independent or Non-enrolled
voter (blank)? Sorry, you get what is left
after the party primaries. You only get to
vote in November.

Tea Party participants and supporters
as well as other voters, who may be on
Janet Nepolitano's Department of Homeland
Security Right Wing Extremist Watch List -

like veterans , pro-lifers, Americans who want
our national borders secured and the issues
surrounding 30 million, or more, illegal aliens
present in America, resolved; those who want
English recognized and required as our national
language and Americans Citizens who
want the Constitution, particularly the First
Second and Tenth Amendments, and the Bill
of Rights, upheld by our elected officials at the
local, state and national levels---

can support candidates who do, or become
party primary candidates themselves.

To do this, prospective candidates must
circulate Party Designating Petitions between
June 9 and July 13, 2009, which are signed
and witnessed by party members.

Primary campaigns occur from July through
September 15-Primary Day. Polls are open
Noon to 9 pm.

The General Election is November 3, 2009.
Polls are open 6 am to 9 pm.



2010 , in New York, we elect state and federal
officeholders, including Governor, Comptroller
Attorney General, a Member of Congress and
Two U.S. Senators.

2010 is the year when New Yorkers can regain
control of state government and play a major
role in taking back Congress from the Leftist
"progressives" who now control the Democratic
Party .

Congress, is supposed to represent the people
not to serve one political party or to be a rubber
stamp for policies advocated by the President.

The political reality is that one party is in power
in New York and Washington- the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party is controlled by "Progressives"
or Leftists, who select the same as elected officials.

Many Tea Party suporters are calling for a Third
Party movement.

That is not the way to go here in New York.

The Republican Party and other minor parties
in New York are toast.

The action and control is in the Democratic Party.

So, the best strategy in a one party dominated
political scene is - to join that party and elect
party and public officials who will put that
party back on course.

Thusly, I urge all New York voters to enrol
in the Democratic Party this year.

Execute and file your party enrolment
change (this includes Independents) any
time between now and September.

Your Democratic Party enrolment will
take effect the day after Election Day
November 3, 2009.

You can then participate and vote in
the 2010 Democratic Party Primaries
for party positions and public offices.

I will be happy to advise and otherwise
assist any New York residents, who fit
the profile of
Janet Nepolitano's DHS Right Wing
Extremists List who wish to become
candidates of the Democratic Party for
public offices in 2009 and 2010, and
for party positions in 2010.

As a U S Navy Veteran, I took an oath to
uphold the Constitution of the United
States and to defend the United States
from all enemies, domestic and foreign.

I honor that oath today.

To paraphrase Pogo, we have met the
domestic enemies and they are
Janet Nepolitano ,and a number of
others, in the current administrations in
Washington and and Albany.

Exercise your Constitutional responsibility
to be an informed citizen participant in
the political process established by the
U S Constitution and NYS Constitution.

Joe Sullivan

438 5230

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