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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Jerry Jennings wants one more 4 year term as
Mayor because he says there is much unfinished
business he has to take care of. Jerry is right.

For years, Jerry Jennings has been saddled
with a Common Council President who aspired
to be Mayor, and who worked against, not with
the Mayor at every turn.

Shawn Morris has cast aside the office of
Council President to oppose Jennings for Mayor
this election. When one examines the Morris
record of 16 years in public office, there is
nothing there to justify her running for Mayor.

Paul Tonko endorsed Morris. Tonko held a NYS
Assembly seat for 25 years and has no record of
achievement there. Now, Tonko is in Congress.
Mr T voted for the cap and trade bill which will
make electricity, home heating oil , natural gas
and gasoline prices spiral out of control making
life more expensive and difficult for ordinary
people. Tonko won't win re-election in 2010.

With a lack of a solid record, no platform of
substance and Tonko's endorsement - Morris can
forget about winning the September 15 Democratic
Primary for Mayor of Albany.

Corey Ellis is Jenning's main contender . Not only
was Ellis local Obama organizer, but he is a mini
version of Obama. A young person of color in an
age of change when African-Americans have a sense
that "their time has come". Many white leftists
agree, and are likely to pull the Ellis lever in the

It matters not that Ellis, like Obama, has a thin
short record of public service. It is all about change..
and control. Community organizers rule!

President Obama has a record of interfering in local
politics. What would an Obama endorsement do in
Albany's mayoral primary?

Make no mistake. The 2009 Albany city elections
represent a turning point in local Democratically
dominated politics, which will have far reaching

Four candidates are vying for Common Council

The City Democratic Committee has not
endorsed any one of the four. Mayor Jennings
says he is neutral.

That means the people decide. Right? Wrong!

County Democratic Committe Chair Dan McCoy
is riding two horses in the Common Council race.
McCoy is meddling in Albany City elections in
hope of garnering the support of both when he
is up for re-election in 2010. McCoy is also
currying favor with Local Law A sponsor
Phil Steck of Colonie, for the same reason

Trouble is the two horses McCoy is riding
are running in different directions. Currying
favor with Steck is a lost cause. Local Law
A, which abridges the Second Amendment
Rights of law abiding citizens, and which
compromises their ability to defend themselves
their loved ones, and their property, in the
civil disorder that will follow the next terror
attacks, is bound to be defeated when it
comes before the Albany County Legislature
during the summer. When Mike Hoblock and
Colonie Republicans regain control of Town
government in the November election, Steck's
support will be worthless

Jerry Jennings is making a serious error in
not making a choice of who he wants as a
Common Council President running mate.

Let's look a little closer at the candidates.

One, wants to abolish the office and raise
taxes. With those stands, that candidate
has already eliminated himself from serious

The person who holds that office is, by law
a Mayor in waiting. The Common Council
President should be a person who has a
clear platform, can work with the Mayor
and spur the Common Council to action
on issues vital to the futures of Albany
and all Albanians.

Two of the remaining candidates have
South End Albany connections and aspire
to be Common Council President because
they view that office as a stepping stone
to becoming Mayor.

Both have considerable assistance in
qualifying for the September Primary
ballot. The petitions of one are being
circulated with the Morris petitions,
while the City Ward Leaders and Committe
Members, while allegedly neutral, are not.
They have been pressured by County
Chair McCoy, to push the petitions of the
third candidate.

Neither of these two candidates have a clear
rationale for running, specific platforms
highlighting vital issues and thoughtful
clear stands on those issues. One would
be more suited to be an affirmative action
officer; while the other would be ideal for
sports director.

The fourth candidate is literally a political
loneranger, without money, organization
and hordes of volunteers to get him on the ballot.

This candidate has a 22 year record of service
as a neighborhood association leader with
real achievents. He also has a clear platform
and vision for the City of Albany. He does not
aspire to be Mayor.

So, if Jerry Jennings punts on who he would like
as Common Council President, he will likely
wind up with candidate two or three above, and
have to deal with the ghosts of Shawn Morris'
past for four more years.

That will make it much more difficult for him
to complete the unfinshed business he plans
to address in the next four years.....that, is if
Jerry prevails in the September 15 Democratic

There are no sure things in politics today.

Joe Sullivan

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