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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Contrast what you read on the link below
with reading, in a dull, measured cadence
and no eye contact with his audience, from
a teleprompter, words prepared by others:

Go to -

Commander in Chief? America needs one in
the image of General Patton, not one who has
never served America in the military, not one
who bows to foreign leaders and apologizes
for America, not one whose life experience
consists of being a community organizer; and
not one who reads the words of others from
teleprompters, without looking his audiences
in the eye, not speaking his own words from
his heart.

America needs another Patton as Commander
in Chief, to inspire our troops to victory over
the Jihadists who are sworn to destroy us.
( Europe needs another Charles The Hammer
as well)

America needs a Commander in Chief who
will secure our nation's borders and ports. One
who would not give foreign enemy combatants
a world media stage, putting them on trial in
NYC civil court, thereby placing the city, suburbs
upstate and all New Yorkers in grave danger of
suffering the mother of all terror attacks followed
much suffering, chaos, civil disorder and
economic collapse.

Why are those who purport to lead us, in state
and local government, and those who purport
to represent us in the state congressional
delegation, not actively seeking a court order
to block the civil trials of terrorists in NYC?

Answer: there is no Patton among them!

Maybe, there is no Patton in the Judiciary

Remember this when incumbent politicians
slink around seeking your votes for federal
and state public offices in the coming 2010
election cycle.

2010 will only be the beginning of renewing

When, and if, 2012 arrives, and America
is still standing, we will elect a President
and Congress, worthy of the challenges of
keeping America, our Homeland, and all
American's, safe. Upholding our
Constitution and leading us back to
economic prosperity.

God Bless and help America, and us all.

Joe Sullivan

ps: this post was inspired a dear friend's
e mail of a rendition of Patton's famous
speech to the troops. After, reading it
and the above link, I exercised my First
Amendment rights, my love for America
my admiration for all who have, now do
and will serve America, in uniform ,and
because it is the duty of every American
to protect our nation from all enemies
foreign, and domestic. I am doing my part.