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Monday, December 28, 2009


#2. SECURITY is the PRIORITY at the
National, State and Local levels.

If we are not secure, nothing else will

At the national level, it is imperative
that our borders and ports be secure.

English is our national language.

Amend our immigration policy to not
admit those who will not respect, and
adopt our language, customs, beliefs and

Those, already here, legally, or illegally
who refuse to assimmilate with our
culture, should return to their places
of origin. Illegals, must not be eligible
for any benefits, including health
education and social service benefits
nor allowed to post or wire income
earned in the United States, to their
places of origin. This will facilitate
their voluntary return to their

Terrorists, foreign and native born
who are enemy combatants , in the
war on terror, must be tried in
U S military courts, not U S civil courts.
Gitmo must remain open.

At the State Level security of likely
targets, including power plants, the
power grid, water supplies, natural
gas pipelines, fuel supply, ports and
airports, also railroads, subways
highways,bridges and tunnels, as
well as our food supply, must
be increased.

Under no circumstances should the
9-11 co-conspirator trials be held in
New York City.

Any Member of the State Senate or
Assembly, or Member of Congress in the
New York Delegation
including our 2 U S Senators, who do
not vigorously oppose and resist trying
foreign terrorists in civil courts in NYC
should be summarily voted out of office
in the 2010 primaries and general elections.

Locally, Albany, the State Capitol, is a
symbolic, soft target, very vulnerable
to terror attacks, particularly the Capitol
building, the Port of Albany and the City
water supply. Security must be increased
and citizens be alert to any suspicious
individuals, groups and activities.

No county, city, town or village in this state
should serve as a sanctuary for illegal aliens.
Local government officials who do not support
public policies to this end, must be voted out
of office.

We are engaged in a war with those
foreign terrorists who seek to destroy us
and our way of life. Because of failure
to secure our borders, the enemy dwells
among us, biding their time. They are
enlisting native born, anti-social mal-
contents to their cause.

Our Home Land is soon to become
the front line in this war on terror.

Anyone, who thinks otherwise, is in
denial of reality.

Joe Sullivan

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