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Thursday, November 18, 2010


News reports say that uniformed guards are
being laid off at the Capitol, LOB, ES Plaza.

This is not a wise move, when terrorist acts
are more likely than ever before.

Security needs to be improved, not relaxed.

Traditional lobby days, when bus loads of
people descend on the Capitol, LOB and ESP
may have to be cancelled in the interest of

Constituents can lobby their legislative
representative back in the home districts.

Small groups of interest group representatives
can meet with the Governor, Senate and Assembly
leaders in Albany or NYC.

E mails, faxes, telephone calls and modern
communications including  teleconference calls
make the weekly crush of lobby groups not

These changes will promote security for all
save expensive fuel and save money for Albany
City taxpayers who have to foot the bills for
added police and clean ups  when large crowds
of lobby groups invade the Capitol, LOB
and ESP.

Our lives changed forever on 9-11.  Business
as usual is no longer possible in an age of terror.

We must change our ways and adapt to the
realities of contemporary life.

                                            Joe Sullivan

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