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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Red Paddy has been in a reflective mood
sitting out in the back yard observing the
sky and sniffing the hint of snow in the air.
Paddy never ceases to wonder at the
changing seasons.

Paddy is ever the alert, watchful shepherd.
The Boss Dog.

Spotted Mick is wise enough. He knows
that another Winter is nearly here. With
that comes the cold, snow, ice and tons
of road salt dumped on the roadways and

With a loving glance and wag of his tail
he expresses thanks when his breakfast
is placed before him. Afterwards he takes
a brief ramble around the backyard and
returns to his warm, dry bed.

Mick leaves the shepherd duties to Paddy.

The radio weather forecast made mention
4 to 7 feet of snow in the High Sierra's. I
thought of the fateful attempt of the Donner
Party to cross the mountains on their way
to the promised land in California. They were
behind schedule and were taking what they
believed to be short cut over unfamiliar  high


Like the Donner Party we are all Pilgrims
on a journey to the promised land.  We face
many perils along the way. Some are natural
more are man made.

Like Mick, we have to be thankful for the
blessings we have each day, including fresh
water, good food and a warm, dry bed.

However, we need to be more observant
and vigilant, like Paddy.

The survival of America, and each of us
remains on the line.

We are being led by individuals who are
woefully inept; who appear unwilling or
unable to recognize ,and deal effectively
with, the perils before us.

As Mark Steyn said recently, " we have
Big Government by small men", add
(and women).

Government can't save us - we must save
the government and save ourselves.

It will take much more informed effort
on the part of the electorate, particularly
here in New York where less than a third
of the state's eligible voters bothered to
vote in the past November 2 General

As we gather with family and loved ones
to give thanks for the Blessings we have
we must cast a wary eye toward Black
Friday, and beyond, recognizing that
we must change our ways in order to
continue to have what we take for granted
every day.

In a word, like Red Paddy we will cast
a wary eye skyward and become more
shepherd -like in our behavior.

Read and share this article with all you
care for:

Without delay, take appropriate action
aimed at survival for you and your loved

The Winter will soon be upon us. 

                                                    Joe Sullivan

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