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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


69 years ago this date Pearl Harbor was
attacked. I recall that day as if it were
yesterday. This morning I reflected on
what life was like then and what it is like
now. The differences are striking.

Then, we were just emerging from the Great
Depression. Some say the war was a catalyst
for the economic prosperity which followed
in the late 1940's and early 1950's following
the war.

But, on that cold December day in 1941 the
people feared for their survival because we
realized that America was no longer insulated
from attack by the vast oceans separating us
from Europe and Asia.

We did not have television, but relied on
radio, newspapers, conversation and letters
fo get the news.

German submarines were offshore. The people
feared attacks on the homeland were soon to
become reality. We had air raid drills, air raid
wardens patroled the streets ensuring that all
house lights were out after sunset.

America and Americans were very different
then as compared to now.

Family and neighbors were immigrants or
children of immigrants who came to America
for a better life. All were proud of their
respective heritages, but all were Americans.

We pulled together because our survival was
on the line, as a nation, as individuals, as

We were poor, but we had the resources
and labor to build a mighty manufacturing
base to sustain the war effort. Today, many
of our resources have been depleted, our
manufacturing base can not support a
war effort. Our population, though larger
now, is not fit to go to war or to work in
manufacturing and physical jobs even if
those opportunities existed.

Then America could sustain a huge war
effort on two fronts, the Pacific and Europe.
Today, we are not prepared to do that.

The Homefront has become a  front line
a third front in our struggle for survival.

Politicians at the federal, state and local
levels have failed to secure our borders, ports
transportation and utility lines.

The Americans of that time were united in
a love of country.  Today, we are a deeply
divided nation.  Young against old, private
sector against public sector, black against
white, female against male, poor against
wealthy. Democrat against Republican.
The divisions obscure the reality that we
are interdependent in our struggle to survive.

Demographics of immigration have changed.
Many are not proud to be Americans. They
do not wish to assimilate. 

Our land has been invaded by tens of millions
of illegal aliens, many of whom are bent on
our destruction. Federal, state and local
politicians give these illegals sanctuary and
advocate amnesty.

Our urban places are inhabited by native
born malcontents, gang bangers, drug dealers
as well as illegals, who are the natural allies of
the foreign terrorists who seek to destroy

Diversity is glorified by politicians who fail
to realize that, as President Lincoln said
during the Civil War "a house divided can
not stand''.

The 9-11 attacks marked the beginning of
WW III.  Because of the aforementioned
changing circumstances, the survival of
America and all Americans are on the line.

Sadly, most Americans, the younger generations
in particular, are oblivious to this reality as
they go about their daily lives in quest of more
stuff. They may have computers and the latest
technological gadgets, dirt bikes, cars and tons
of stuff. But, their food cubbards are empty.
They are not in good physical shape. They lack
survival perspective/skills. In short, America's
urban populations are not prepared to deal
with natural  disasters, let alone military conflict
in their own homeland.

Then, our enemies wore uniforms. But they
were separated from us by two oceans. Today
they dwell amongst us. They use cunning and
guile to disarm and dellude us, waiting for the
signal to strike. They do not wear uniforms or
ride down the roads in tanks. They use our own
technology against us; aircraft, power grids
nuclear power plants. Biological and chemical

We are at War with a devious, determined 
enemy. Our media and politicians are in
denial. They fail in their responsibities to 
inform and protect us, and themselves. As
a result the people are unaware and not
ready for what lies ahead.

Everyone seems to be focused on the economy
anddomestic issues.

Security and public safety are the priorities.
For, when we are not safe, nothing else will

Wise up! Wake up! Fellow Americans, before it
is too late!

Become better informed; better prepared and
participate in the effort to save America, our
Constitution,  our government, ourselves and
our loved ones.

Approach Hanukkah, Christmas, the New Year
and each day of your lives, keeping in mind the
old Irish proverb "live each day as if it were your
last...and one day you will be spot on"

                                                        Joe Sullivan


Steve Finnell said...

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petedennehy said...

Hi cousin Joe.

Interesting blog. My mother gave me the address so I thought I would drop by and send you season's greetings.

All chilly this side of the Pond at the moment.


Peter Dennehy