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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


President Obama has been on a never
ending campaign trail for years and
a never ending series of vacations.

He, the First Lady, and his administration
have left a nationwide and global  carbon
footprint that has contributed to the global
warming crisis and climate change.

Consider all the fossil fuels consumed and
all the hot air generated. Consider all the
manpower and financial expenditure that
has been involved in this never ending
campaign/vacation spree.

The media continues to fawn over the
President and serve as his free campaign
public relations arm. (Till the next round
of paid advertising coming with the 2012

Now, this  road show is returning to the
Capital District again, to promote green
energy at GE,  including wind and battery
powered cars.

We have had enough wind for the past
3 years, or more.

If the President is so keen on promoting
battery powered cars, why didn't he use
one to travel from DC to the Capital

Quiz: How many times would he have
had to plug in and recharge? How many
days would that journey have taken?

Why didn't the President travel by
Amtrak? Consider how far a train can
travel on one gallon of fuel.

Better yet, why doesn't the President
stay in Washington and do his job,
upholding the Constitution and protecting
the U S?

The local media could run Family Guy
and Three Stooges programs, instead,
giving the weary public a break from
this political theater of the absurd.

On second thought, now that Obama
is coming here to tout green energy
maybe the local media will have the
courage to ask the President about
the artificial manipulation of oil and
other energy prices which are the
root causes of rising gasoline, home
heating oil and food prices in the
Capital District?

Why not ask the President why he
is not facing reality that oil is the
lifeblood of our economy and way of life?
Why is he not allowing oil drilling
offshore, when our enemies and
competitors are drilling?  Why is
he not utilizing our vast coal reserves
and clean coal technology to replace
petroleum dependence? Why is he
not promoting tapping our vast natural
gas resources, including the Marcellus
shale of Western NY?  Why is he not
promoting rebuilding and expanding
our railroad network, including light
rail to move people and freight?

Ask him why he doesn't understand
that all these things would generate  jobs
and economic prosperity, not to mention
independence from foreign energy sources?

Maybe, the local media will do their job?

Then, this political circus would be worth
the public paying attention!

                                         Joe Sullivan

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