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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Forget about lay offs of state, county, city
workers; phoney tax crap proposals, closing
state and local parks, terms limits, public
campaign financing schemes and elusive
ethics reforms. Elected officials swear
to uphold the U S and State Constitutions.
Hold them to those oaths.

Eliminate unfunded federal/state mandates
on local governments/schools.

Make fewer laws. Enforce those that exist
that have merit. Repeal those that do not.

Effectiveness of lawmakers, at all levels
should be measured in terms of sponsored
repeals of mindless, obsolete and unconstitutional
laws, and effective constituent representation.

Lay off illegal aliens. No welfare, education
medicaid or other benefits, of any kind, paid
for with taxpayer dollars,  without evidence
of  U S citizenship and legal  state residence.

Require proof of  U S citizenship and legal
state residence of  any current recipients
and future applicants.

In LA County, the welfare tab for illegal
aliens was 600 million dollars last year.

That figure did not include school costs.

Audit welfare, education, medicaid and
all other social service programs, as well
as prisons/jails, to determine how much
is spent on illegals aliens and non-residents
as well as double/multiple dippers, each
year New York State, Albany County
as well as every city, town and village in
the state.

End monthly  SSI "crazy money" payments
to parents(s)/guardian(s) already receiving
social services and/or foster parent funding.

These payments only reward bad behavior
promote dysfunctional homes, schools and

In addition, these payments promote the
unsustainable growth of a dependent
population of takers, who contribute little
or nothing to the betterment of society.

Cut prison spending costs. Out source violent
offenders, terrorists,  lifers and other
dangerous perps to China. Gung Hu!

Deport illeal aliens prisioners/offenders to
countries of origin. If they appear again in
U S, they go to China.

Draft urban gangbangers for foreign legion
service in remote world trouble spots. They
provide their own community guns/ammo
machetes, box cutters, knives and other
weaponry. U S government provides one
way transportation.

Congress must act promptly to secure our
national borders and ports.

End sanctuary status for illegal aliens at
state, county, city, town, village levels.
No federal/state aid to any of these who
fail to immediately comply.

Prediction.  Spending on welfare/social
services, schools, medicaid will be greatly
reduced. Much less crime, and much
greater public safety/security will result.
REAL property tax relief will be achieved.

                                      Joe  Sullivan


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