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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Death is a fact of life. But, rational people
will not be in a hurry for the grim reaper
to arrive.

Osama Bin Laden is gone. The US Navy
Seals did the job. They, our Navy pilots
and military intelligence accomplished
this  magnificent military maneuver. It
is they, NOT any politician, who deserve

However, as Governor Cuomo has rightly
observed: this is not the end of the war
on terror. He is correct to increase
security in NY in the belief that retaliatory
acts will come. Governor Cuomo is correct
to increase security in NYC and elsewhere
in NYS.

We know not when, where or how the
retaliatory attacks will come, but we know
they will. We will not be able to prevent

Terrorist targets abound everywhere. So
do the terrorists bent on our destruction.

Organized terror cells and free lancers
will creatively use our own environment
transportation infrastructure, utilities
food supplies, media, churches and schools
indeed every aspect of our way of life
including our poltical system, in their
efforts to destroy or conquer us.

Ordinary citizens are the eyes and ears
of efforts to protect our homeland from
the terrorists, both foreign and domestic.
If only citizens would wise up and so act.

Government can't save us, we must save
ourselves and save our government.

Every eligible voter casting informed
ballots in the 2011 local and 2012
national/state elections is the key.

The media must do it's part to inform.

Paul Vandenburgh did his part on Talk
1300 this morning by having an interview
with terrorism expert Steve Emerson.

A link to that interview will be found on
the Talk 1300 website. But encores need
to be played on Talk 1300, so that the
public gets the message.

President Obama should not visit the
World Trade site, Thursday. His presence
there only increases the likelihood of
terrorist retaliation in NYC, putting
the lives of ordinary Americans at
further risk.

The Presidental visit to the Ground Zero
only fuels speculation the timing of the
Seal raid was to increase Obama's poll

numbers at a time when his numbers are
at an all time low.

Governor Cuomo should, respectfully
not be seen with the President, if Obama
makes to Ground Zero visit.

Islam is a by it's nature a radical belief
system, bent on world conquest for

The foot soldiers of Islam have invaded
Europe and America through immigration
both legal and illegal.

Deception is a part of their arsenal. They
do not wear military uniforms, but their
identity and behavior are readily discernible
for all the see...if one's vision is not
clouded by progressive indoctrination or
pure indifference, apathy or ignorance.

These  foreign terrorists have swelled their
numbers through natural birth in America
and by recruiting native born anti-social
malcontents from prisons, urban gangbangers
and drug dealers.

Make no mistake! The War on Terror is
a war by Islam on us. There are no grounds
for diplomacy, tolerance, negotiation or
appeasement.  Death to America is their
rally cry. They are to be taken at their
word and responded to accordingly.

President Obama deceives himself and us
when he declares that America is not at
War with Islam.

Adherents of Islam started the war on
terror which is only the latest episode
and possibly the final, in the centuries
old quest of Islam for world conquest.

It is not possible for a people who love
life, to understand or deal with an
adversary who loves death more than life.

President Obama swore an oath to uphold
the Constitution and to protect America
and all Americans from all enemies foreign
and domestic.

Live up to that oath, President Obama, by:

1. not circumventing the Constitution or

2. securing our national ports and ports

3. no amnesty for the tens of millions of
illegals who have invaded our land.
Require proof of U S citizenship for
voting, education, jobs, social services
social security, medicaid etc.

4.  end illegal alien sanctuary policies
by the nation, states, counties, cities
towns and villages   in the United States.

5. removing pc rules of engagement on
of forces in Afghanistan, Iraq and worldwide

6. dipping all ammo, bombs, missles
used in the war on terror in pig fat, jamming
the airwaves with hog calls and battlefield
deployment of hogs to clear roadsides of
IED's  are among effective retaliatory
acts that should be part of our arsenal in
combating the war on terror.

Old Hickory (Andy Jackson) and the Rebs
beat the Brits in the battle for New Orleans
employing cotton bales defenses against an
obsolete stand up army strategy memorialized
in this song:

Remember the Ayatollah of Iran's dog
fatwa?  Dogs can have their day with this
tune :

Subject: Lyr Add: IF I WERE A DOG

From: fulurum

Date: 08 Sep 02 - 04:02 PM


Colm Gallagher

CHORUS: O ho! O ho! If I were a dog, I'd have me day.

O ho ho! Wouldn't I be wagging my tail?

If I were a dog, I'd wag my tail

And sit me down beside the fire.

Girls could pat me on the head

Or anywhere else their heart did desire.

Wouldn't go chasin' after cats.

Wouldn't go howling at the moon.

I couldn't be bothered with things like that.

If I was a dog what I'd be doing...CHORUS

If I was a dog, I'd eat of the best,

And only the best that money can buy.

I'd go down to the butcher's shop

And lick the leg of the butcher's wife.

I'd be dining on filet mignon,

Pelican fingers and lobster fins,

And delicate frogs. If I were a dog,

I wouldn't go routing in somebody's bins. CHORUS

I wouldn't be on for herding sheep.

I wouldn't be on for hunting hares.

I'd prefer to be home in my sleep,

Or digging a hole to God-knows-where.

Wouldn't be on for pulling a sled

Like huskies in the Yukon do.

I'd prefer to be home in my bed

With a Pekinese poodle or Kerry blue. CHORUS

And woe betide the man who tried

To spay the wife or neuter me.

Before I let him get away with that,

By God, I'd show him my pedigree.

I'd put up a hell of a fight

And wouldn't it be a sight to see?

One strategic nip,

The neuterer becoming the neuteree. CHORUS

And sooner or later, I'd father a litter

And teach the little ones how to be.

If anyone tried to get smart, by God,

I'd chase the lot of them up a tree.

So if you walking along the street,

An elegant dog you happen to see,

Steppin' it out, give us a shout.

You could be you, and that could be me. CHORUS

From Tommy Makem's 'Live at the Irish Pavilion' Shanachie 52036.

President Obama claims a drop of
Irish blood. Time to get an Irish Terrier
for the White House dog. Send that
Portuguese Waterdog back to Hyannis.

Act Like an Irish Terrier not an
Egyptian, Mr President!

Read carefully to act like an Irish

7. not allowing the Muslim Brotherhood
and affiliates, to gain control of Egypt,
Libya, The Arabian Peninsula and the
entire Middle East.  Certainly not to
provide them with military and foreign
aid to accomplish this goal.

8. Iran's growing nuclear capabilty and
the existing nuclear arsenels of North
Korea and Pakistan must be immediately
destroyed. The safety of all world
residents is at stake. This is the primier
environmental risk that we all face.

Military action is necessary. Talk is
useless. We delay at our own peril.

 The U.S., Russia, China, India
Western Europe, Australia, New
Zealand and Canda, as well as other
nations who wish to survive, should
join in and execute immediate
conventional military operations
to achieve this end and avoid a
nuclear holocaust for all.

Nothing less than our collective
survival is ay stake.

                                    Joe Sullivan

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