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Friday, May 20, 2011


Destabilizes the entire Mid-East. Aids
Al Qaida in Egypt and Libya. Promises
them billions in aid.

Sides with the Palestinians against Israel.

Ignores that Chavez of Venezuela is setting
up missle sites that can be used to hit any
place in the USA or Canada.

Supports amnesty for the 30 million or so
illegals who have invaded our land. (Multiply
this number by 3, or more, when they bring
their relatives into the U.S.)

Cuts homeland security funding to the City
of Albany, other Upstate cities and small
cities throughout the USA, when the recent
raid on Osama's refuge in Pakistan produced
evidence that Al Qaida is now focusing on
attacking small cities, like Albany, because
they are soft targets.

Albany is the nerve center of NY State.
Take out state government, including the
social services offices,  NYS DOT, the
State Homeland Security office, National
Guard HQ and NY Power Pool, among
others, and NY State will experience
chaos and civil disorder beyond belief.

After all these blunders, the erstwhile
Commander in Chief takes his family
on a holiday to Brazil.

Why are the whimps in Congress not
moving forward on Impeaching Obama
before he completely destroys America?

Democratic party officeholders and voters
who continue to support Obama are
placing the party, the nation, themselves
and all Americans in peril.

Time to put America before blind party

                                       Joe Sullivan

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