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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


America was attacked on 9 11
by foreign terrorists.

With the 9 11 attack. The Home
Front became the front line in
war of survival for America and
all Americans.

President Obama warns of "lone
wolf" terror attacks coming:

Wolves travel and attack in packs.

Foreign terrorists dwell amongst us
and are plotting our demise.

Some have come with the hoardes of
illegal  aliens who have invaded our
land by way of unsecured borders
and ports.

Others have entered legally on
"student" visas and through the
legal immigration process.

They, and their native born offsprings
are a major threat to our security.

In addition, they have recruited
domestic terrorists from among the
ranks of native born, anti-social

Drop your video games, turn off
survivor and American Idol on the telly
and recognize you are in a real life
game of survival.

Contrary to President Obama's claim
we have to anticipate and guard against
both  "lone wolf" attackers and  more
organized  "wolf packs" who seek to
do massive damage to our cities, our
transportation/utility infrastructures
and our food/water supplies.

The spectre of flash mobs in Britain
and American urban places is a sign
of what is to come.

The 10th anniversary of the 9 11
attack , coincides with the end of
Ramadan, and a full moon.

The 2012 election may never happen.

Americans would be wise to be
especially vigilant on the home
front and abroad at this time.

The Middle East may go on fire
as Iran and Israel square off.
Should Pakistan fall, the supply
line to our troops in Afghanistan
would be cut, and they would
suffer a winter  fate similar to
that of the British army in the
19th century.

Iran would overrun Iraq and
Saudi Arabia, cutting off the flow
of oil which is the lifeblood of our
economy and way of life.

Do you really feel safe with
Barack Hussain Obama as
Commander In Chief, Hillary
Clinton as Secretary of State
and Leon Panetta as Secretary
of Defense?

We have no Patton to lead us!

America and Americans are
truly in a struggle for suvival.

Hopefully, our military leaders
recognize this and have a plan B
ready. State and local law
enforcement too.

On the home front state and
local governments should anticipate
what terror targets exist and take
immediate steps to protect those
targets from attack.

Ordinary citizens should store
water, food and emergency supplies
and be prepared to survive whatever
may befall us in the days ahead.
Read Second Amendment.

This includes protecting yourselves
your loved ones and your property
from marauding flash mobs and
"lone wolf",  coyotes and jackels
that are sure to appear after a
major emergency/disaster, whether
it be of natural or man-made origins.

This scare you? It should. Wise up!

Pray that I am wrong. But, what if
I am not? Do you feel lucky?

Better to anticipate and prepare!

Anti-Terror Hotline:

1 866 SAFE NY (723 3697)

APD Center Station  458 5660

B &J Guns 1702 Central Ave.

                                  Joe Sullivan


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