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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Prudent observers will take warning from
the recent earth quake and Hurricane Irene.

The quake did not cause much visible damage
but may have weakened many buildings and
transportation infrastructure.

Indian Point nuclear plants sit atop the Ramapo
fault line. Despite the pr ads, shut down is the
prudent thing to do.

More than 20 million people live in the shadow
of these twin plants. Safe, clean power? Hardly.

Better to conserve and import more Quebec
hydro power rather than risk a natural or
man made (terrorist) disaster for Metro NY/NJ
and the Hudson Valley.

Condolences  at the loss of lives and property
from Hurricane Irene, which was downgraded
to a tropical storm by the time it reached NY.

Flooding losses were huge. Many went without
power for days.

Imagine a sustained loss of the power grid and
or utilities in our Northeast winter.

Imagine the disaster had it been a category 4
or 5 hurricane. Still a couple of months to go
in hurricane season.

The lesson of these two events is clear. We
must be be prepared for natural disasters
....and man made disasters, in particular
acts of terrorisr, by the foreign Jihadists
and their domestic recruits, who are plotting
unimaginable acts, seeking to destroy America
and all Americans.

Our borders and ports are wide open. Millions
of illegals have overrun our land, among them
the Jihadists,

They dwell amomg us, plotting and planning
our demise.

Failure of the federal government to secure
our borders and ports. Failure of states,and
local communities, to end sanctuary status
for illegal aliens has put our nation and each
of us in harms way.

Warning signs ought to be posted at all polling

"Warning! Political correctness and
blind partyline voting are hazardous to your

The man made disaster that waits us, dwarfs
any natural disaster.

Of course, the two may coincide one day
creating the mother of all disasters.

In that case the lights will be out for a long
long time.

Better to anticipate what can happen and
prepare as best one can. We are all in a
real life survivor challenge.

This is not a drill.

                                        Joe Sullivan

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