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Saturday, January 28, 2012


The NYS Constitution (Art III) provides
that the State Legislature is responsible
for redistricting, or drawing state senate
and assembly district lines after each
U S Census.

Certain "good government" groups and
Governor Cuomo want to sidestep the
State Constitution and have an "independent
non-partisan appointed body" draw the
new district lines.  Appointed by whom?
Non-partisan? Highly unlikely.

Article III further provides that aliens
not be counted in reapportionment

The 2010 U S Census did not determine
and exclude aliens from the count.

How many aliens, legal and illegal
reside in New York?

Pursuant to the State Constitution
the State Legislature is required to
conduct an enumeration, excluding
aliens, in order to redistrict.

Let the State Legislature conduct
this enumeration and draw the
state senate, assembly and
congressional district lines to
protect the voting rights of
state voters who are legal residents
of New York as well as bonafide
U S citizens.

The Governor and the "good
government" groups should uphold
the State Constitution, rather than
attempting to sidestep it ...for
partisan political reasons.. like
ensuring one party rule in NYS
for the next decade.

The June 26 congressional primary
in NYS was ordered by a federal
Judge, in order that the votes of
our military be counted.

So, let the State Legislature move
forward with the drawing of the
new state senate/assembly and
congressional lines without delay
and without partisan obstruction
by the Governor and "good
government" groups.

                                     Joe Sullivan


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