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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The 20th CD lines are taking shape:

A GOP contender, Robert Dietrich
has surfaced:
No website to reveal where he
stands on vital issues of the day.
No history of speaking out on
those issues.
Conservative?   Jim Burhrmaster
Chair of Schenectady County GOP
says Bob is "very conservative".
We shall see.
Chairman Burhmaster also observes
correctly, "For anybody on the
Republican side running against
Paul Tonko, ..the biggest challenge
.. Albany...particularly the city..
is a formidable challenge."
Albany is the geographic center
of the congressional district.
Albany Democrats are more
likely to vote for a Conservative
than a Republican, and more
likely to vote for a candidate
who is well known to them and
who lives in Albany.
The congressional seat has
traditionally been held by
a resident of Albany County.
Joe Sullivan, a resident of
Albany, an enrolled Conservative
received honorable mention
as a write in candidate for
the seat in 2010, with regard
to his "command of the issues
particularly on foreign affairs"
Sullivan is author of a widely
read blog which contains years
of posts on issues relevant to
serving in Congress:
Sullivan  stands ready, able
and willing to be the Conservative
candidate for Congress 20th
District, NY in 2012.
The survival of America and
all Americans is on the line
in the 2012 election.
                                 Joe Sullivan

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