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Thursday, July 19, 2012


My Conservative Party Designating
petition for Member, NYS Assembly
109th District was timely filed.

I was looking forward to spending
time in the garden and personally
thanking those enrolled Conservatives
who signed and circulated my petition
enabling me to qualify for the November
6 General Election ballot.

My intent was to let the 6 Democrats
duke it out over the next 54 days and
then take on the winner of the
September 13 Democratic Primary.

However, that Family Danz guy has
thrown a wrench in my plans.

Danz and an assorted group of
disgruntled political malcontents
have filed an Opportunity to Ballot
petition  creating a Conservative
Primary for the 109th AD.

My name will appear on the
September 13 primary ballot
because I am an enrolled
Conservative and the endorsed
candidate of the Albany County
Conservative Committee, and
Chairman Richie Stack.

Danzs' name will not appear
on the ballot because he is
an enrolled Republican , not
an enrolled Conservative.

In short, members of the
Conservative Party who want
Danz to be the party candidate
will have to correctly write in
his name on the September 13

Now, why would any real
Conservative want to have Danz
as the party nominee for Nov 6?

Answer, they would not, - unless
they were   really Republicans intent on
pirating the Conservative Party
ballot line for November 6 and
intent on trying to wrest control
of the Albany County Conservative

Danz has the Republican ballot
line for Nov 6. He should have
been content with that. Instead
he has entered 2 primaries- the
Independence Party Primary
where his name will appear on
the ballot opposite Democrat
Patricia Fahy - a formidable
foe for Danz - and this OTB
for the Conservative ballot line
where he is going up against
an enrolled Conservative, a real
Conservative with a website
read, nationally and worldwide
for it's clearly conservative
statements pertaining to the
survival of America and all

Danz has blundered beyond
belief.  Senator Gillibrand 
Congressman Tonko and
Albany County DA David
Soares have the Independence
ballot line already - unopposed.

Fahy is a better fit with this
crowd than Danz. Look for
Danz to lose.

As for the Conservative OTB
look for real Conservatives to
fend off an attempt at the GOP
piracy of the Conservative ballot
line and control of the Conservative
Party. Danz loses again.

Going into the November 6
election as a two time loser , with
no message, in a district where
Democrats are the overwhelming
majority of voters  is like spitting
in the wind. 

I am a true Conservative, with
Democratic roots and I live in
the City of Albany, the population
hub of the 109th Assembly District.
The fate of Guilderland, Bethlehem
and New Scotland rests with what
happens to Albany.

Read my website carefully, including
the present posts, those on links and
at the right side of the screen and
those in the archives, particularly
posts July, June, May, April, March
February and January of this year.
If you have the time you can explore
the archives for the past 7 years.
You can get significant posts relating
to a topic where I have presented
my stands clearly, by searching
lonerangeralbany by issue, such
as illegal aliens, the War in
Afghanistan, Security and
Emergency/Disaster Preparednes
read - compare my website, posts
and issue positions with the websites
the 6 Democrats in the Sept 13
primary, and Ted Danz the GOP
candidate, who has forced a
Conservative OTB write in
primary to capture the
Conservative ballot line for
the November 6 General Election
- then judge for yourselves
who would better represent you in
the NYS Assembly, 109th District"

Pass the word. Thank you.

Remember to vote Sullivan, Conservative
NYS Assembly, 109th District.

The real, enrolled Conservative
designated and endorsed by rank
and file Conservatives and the
Albany County Conservative
Party, Richie Stack, Chairman.

Primary Day  THURSDAY Sept 13
Noon to 9 pm, and, again

Tuesday, November 6,   6 am to 9 pm

Thanks, again.

                                    Joe Sullivan

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