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Saturday, July 21, 2012


102 signatures of Conservatives
resident in the 109 AD were

Petition witnesses were Notary
Publics, who obtained the majority
of signatures. When I check all their
political enrolments, I suspect I
shall find it is Republican.

One witness who obtained 10
signatures and prepared the
petitions for filing is employed
by the GOP in the State Legislature.
This individual so acted as a

Another Witness, who did so as
a Notary is Nate LeBron an
enrolled Republican and unsuccessful
candidate for Albany County Executive
last year.

Another witness, who is an enrolled
Conservative (In Schenectady County)
was active in the Danz-GOP effort
that sucessfully had me tossed off
the Conservative line  for Congress
in 2010.  I would have qualified
for the ballot, if 15 valid signatures
of Schenectady Conservatives were
not intercepted and trashed by
"Schenectady Conservatives"
working for Danz and the GOP.

Most of the signers of the OTB
petition for 2012 are fomer
Republicans, who are GOP
sleepers enrolled in the Albany
County Conservative Committee.

A few signers are real Conservatives
who were duped into signing the
OTB Petition.

In sum, the evidence is clear that
this is clearly a GOP orchestrated
effort to deny me the Conservative
ballot line for the November 6
General election.

The OTB petition appears to have
the requisite number of signatures
but only if the Notaries, in fact did
swear reach and every signer. - If
they did not, the entire OTB petition
can be invalidated.

A canvass of petition signers will
reveal whether, or not, they were
duly sworn by the Notaries who
circulated and witnessed the
petition signatures.

Regardless, the conclusion that
can be drawn is that this OTB
is the work of GOP operatives
intent on denying me the
Conservative ballot line in the
November 6 General Election
and that this is a further attempt
of the GOP to pirate or take
control of the Conservative
Party in Albany County.

So, the question for the
September 13 Conservative
Primary is - will voters
enrolled as Conservatives
in the 109th NYS Assembly
District  allow the GOP
to deny ballot access to a real
qualified, enrolled Conservative
who has been designated by
by their fellow Conservatives
and endorsed by the Albany
County Conservative Committee
and Chairman Richard Stack?

That is the question enrolled
Conservatives in the 109 th AD
will decide,  when they vote
in the September 13 primary
Noon to 9 PM, provided the
OTB petition is not invalidated.

I thank those Conservatives
who signed my petition designating
me as the Conservative candidate
for NYS Assembly District 109.

Thanks also, to those enrolled
Conservatives who circulated
and witnessed my petition.

Finally, thanks to the Members
of the Albany County Conservative
Committee and Chairman Richie
Stack for their endorsement of
my candidacy.

Enjoy what is left of this summer.

Be sure to vote Thursday, September
13. I ask for your votes then and
again on November 6.

Please share this information with
family and neighbors who are
enrolled Conservatives in the
109th Assembly District, as well
as elsewhere in Albany County.

Thank you.

                            Joe Sullivan



                              Joe Sullivan


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