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Thursday, March 7, 2013


The regime change underway in
Venezuela provides the Obama
administration with a timely
rationale for renewing and
expanding the scope of the
Monroe Doctrine.

Renew the Monroe Doctrine
and expand it to include all
world powers including Iran
and China.

Why?  The primary obligation
of the federal government is
the security of America and
all Americans.

Obama is Commander in Chief
of the U S armed forces.

Iran, Russia and China have
been expanding their influence
into Venezuela and elsewhere
in the Western Hemisphere
including  Mexico and the
United States.

This influence includes not
only tapping resources but
setting the stage for future
military operations aimed
at the US and Canada. For
example, siting missle bases
im Venezuela"

and building an AK47 assaultweapons factory in Venezuela:

President Obama, Secretary of
State Kerry and Congress must

move quickly to provide for
security of America, Canada
and all the nations and peoples
of the Western Hemisphere.

1. Renew and Expand the
Monroe Doctrine.

2. Secure the borders and ports
of the U S. Bid Canada and all
nations in the Western Hemisphere
to do the same.

3. Mobilize the military, naval
and internal security forces of
all hemisphere nations to resist
any intervention/expansion of
influence, and threats, from
any nation elsewhere in the
world. In particular, Iran, Russia
and China.

4. Deal with Iran and North
Korea to avoid first strike options
by both.

Failure to act on the above
places America, all Americans
as well as all the nations and
peoples of the Western Hemisphere
in grave peril.

                         Joe Sullivan

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