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Saturday, March 2, 2013


Here is a list of public offices
up for election in Albany County:

Patriots are needed to challenge
every office where the incumbent
or replacement candidates, do not
support the Constitution and Bill
of Rights. In particular, the Second
Fourth and Tenth Amendments.

The Conservative Party will screen
prospective candidate in latter April.

Residents of the City of Albany
interested in citywide or ward races
are invited to contact me anytime
during March.

Thereafter, the Albany County
Conservative Committee ( R Stack
Chairman and screening committe)
will interview all candidates seeking
the Conservative Party endorsement
for offices in the City of Albany
and elsewhere in the county.

Petitioning to qualify for the ballot
will occur during June.

Taking back our government begins
with the 2013 local elections.

Next year, 2014, our focus will be
Congress and state offices.

Persons not interested in running
for office, but who wish to help
those that do, are invited to contact

Everyone has a stake in the outcome
of these elections. Everyone can play
a part, no matter how small.

Make every effort to become an
informed voter. Share what you learn
with family, neighbors and friends,

WGDJ Talk 1300 and WGY 810 AM
have excellent line ups of local, state
and national radio programs that offer
information and perspective that you
do not get from mainstream media.

Call in and participate where programs
afford you the opportunity to express
your views on issues vital to our survival
as a Nation and as individuals.

Support candidates who put America
before blind party allegiance. Candidates
who will uphold the Constitution and
represent the people rather than special

Our Liberty, the survival of America
and each and American, are on the line
in 2013 and 2014.

                                 Joe Sullivan

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