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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ballot Propositions
1 through 6

A very plain language

#1 Allow casinos.  My
vote is yes, hoping that
the City of Albany will
be the site of one. Jobs
and expanded tax base.

However, drilling for
NY natural gas will be
the catalyst for economic
revival of Albany and
the Erie Canal-Hudson

#2 Yes for extra credits
civil service credits for
disabled vets. They have
earned it.

#3 Yes. Because Albany's
credit rating would be
lowered if sewer rehab
costs were included in
determining the City
debt limit.

Property taxpayers would
pay more, if this happens.

City services would be cut.

#4  Yes. settles outstanding
land title claim in Adirondack

#5  Yes. Keeps jobs of locals
in Adirondacks where jobs
are few and provides a rare  
a rare mineral which is a
substitute for asbestos.

#6 Yes. There should be no
job age limits for persons who
are physically and mentally 

More detail: 


                Joseph P Sullivan 

                For Albany Mayor
                Conservative Row C
                November 5


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