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Friday, November 1, 2013


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No other candidate for Albany
Mayor has such an in depth
website including issues vital
to the survival of the City of
Albany and all who call Albany

 * Security and Public Safety
 * Emergency/Disaster 
 * Energy

    Count Albany in on Canadian
    Hydropower, with Sullivan as
 * Education/Learning and
    city schools

are among the many issues

Links to media coverage
the League of Women Voters
voters guide -
go to:


Compare Sullivan, Sheehan
Portelli and Calhoun
responses to LWV questions

Links to the two hour 
Albany Mayoral forum

(all 6  candidates)
blog radio interview of
Albany Mayoral candidates
Sullivan, Portelli , Calhoun
can be found by scrolling
back to October posts
of lonerangeralbany.

Here is the story and link to
the WAMC hour Albany Mayoral
forum held July 2 

(link to forum audio
at bottom of print story)

View YNN coverage:

I ask for your votes for Mayor
of Albany, November 5.

Thank you.

                   Joseph P Sullivan

                   Conservative Row C

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