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Monday, May 19, 2014


Early at the start of session
in 2013, at Governor Cuomo's
direction, the NYS Legislature
voted to enact the so called
"Safe Act".

No one is any safer in NY as
a result. In fact, we are less safe.

Governor Cuomo and those
state legislators have violated
the Constitutional Right of
New Yorkers to bear arms to
protect themselves , their loved
ones, and their property, from 
criminals and 
a rogue government.

Criminals everywhere are
continuing to shoot up city

They do not respect, nor abide
by any laws.

If government can take away
one Constitutional Right, it
can take away any, and all

State Senator Breslin and
Assembly Members Fahy
McDonald and Steck, who
purport to represent citizens
of Albany City and County
voted to violate your Second
Amendment Rights.

They do not merit your
signatures on their designating
petitions to qualify them for
the ballot.

They do not merit your votes
in the September 9 party
primaries and November 4
General Election. 

                     Joe Sullivan

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