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Monday, August 4, 2014


News reports tell us the Albany
Common Council will pass a
measure tonight banning
smoking in all city parks?

How about  disarming all
the gangbangers, and others
using illegal, "community"
guns to commit crimes in
the city?

How about rescinding
sanctuary status for illegal
aliens who are bringing
crime and diseases to
Albany, thereby putting
all residents at risk?

The Common Council
approved their sanctuary
resolution in 2007.

Time to repeal it - now.

How about taking more
steps to protect our city
water supply from threats
from algae blooms 
(Think Toledo) and
foreign terrorists?

How about deploying the
vaunted  red traffic light
cameras to protect the
oil train routes/yards
from acts of terrorism?

Smoking and running
red lights/stop signs are
way down on the list
of priorities for action
as outlined above.

We don't need to downsize 
the City Council and
County Legislature, as
some propose.

We need Council Members
and County Legislators
who can deal with major
issues of public safety and

                    Joe Sullivan

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taina said...

loving the post!