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Thursday, July 31, 2014



Exhibit A   GOP lawsuit against
President Obama. He laughs in
response and rightly so.

House Republicans have to
honor their oaths of office
and exercise their powers as
enumerated in Article 1
Section 8 of the Constitution.

In particular, only Congress
holds lawmaking authority.

The President is via fiat
executive orders, overstepping
his Constitutional limits, aiding
and abetting our enemies, acting
as a dictator and otherwise not
honoring his oath of office.

The remedy is not a law suit
but Impeachment, which must
begin in the House.

Radically transforming America
consorting with marxists, the
Muslim Brotherhood,  setting
the entire Middle East ablaze
provoking the Russian bear
failing to secure our borders 
and the sovereignty /security
of America
trashing our Constitution
destroying our economy and
health care system, ineptitude
incompetence, arrogance
abuse of air force aircraft
and military crews to constant
travel for fundraising junkets
and countless expensive vacations
are reasons enough to Impeach

Do it or just shut up.

The majority of Congressional
Democrats and Republicans are
not worthy of the offices they

They are complicit in the Obama
agenda to radically transform

For our Constitutional Republic
to survive, those Democrats and
Republicans need to shape up
or be removed and replaced by
persons who will uphold the
Constitution and truly represent
the people.

The Courts are the same.

Captain  Queeg must be relieved
of command before the entire
ship, and all aboard, are lost.

Congress can secure our borders
by activating the National Guard
when we are invaded - and we are
by tens of millions of illegal aliens.

America is a lifeboat adrift in a
sea of world poverty. Overload the
lifeboat, it swamps, capsizes
and all aboard go down with it.

The coxswain at the tiller is
clearly incompetent (and maybe
mad and drunk with power)

The wind is picking up, the
waves growing and night is
falling. The sharks and
barracuda are circling
Lifeboat America.

                            Joe Sullivan

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