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Monday, September 15, 2014


NY Democratic officeholders
and those Democratic voters
who vote for such officeholders
are destroying NY and America.


Control of the NYS Senate is up
for grabs in the November 4th

In the Senate district 44, Neil
Breslin, long time incumbent
and "progressive" Democrat
will support amnesty for the
3 million, or more, illegal
aliens who have invaded our

State Senator Breslin is
unopposed for reelection.

Voters deserve a choice
for NYS Senate 44 district.

Voters should have the
opportunity to vote for for
a candidate who:

1. opposes this proposed
amnesty for illegal aliens

2. supports securing our
borders and upholding
current immigration laws

3. supports repeal of the
"Safe Act" which makes
law abiding citizens less

4. supports drilling for
NY gas, now. Tapping
our natural gas resources
will create an economic
boom for Upstate NY and
Albany/Troy akin to the
building of the Erie Canal
in the 1820's.

5. supports building a
refinery at the Port of Albany
to refine Dakota oil. This
will increase the tax base
of the City of Albany, provide
good paying jobs and lower
the costs of gasoline and heating
oil for Capital District r residents.

6. supports Albany tapping low
cost, clean hydro power electricity
from the 765 Kv power line to
be constructed through Albany
from Quebec to NYC

7. opposes public financing of
political campaigns.

 Write in voting is the cure for
 political tyranny

8. supports rejection of the
common core educational
standards imposed by the
federal government. Education
is a local-state responsibility.

9. advocates that security
and public  safety are the
priority issues of our time
and who supports citizen
emergency/disaster preparedness

10. will uphold the Constitution
support restoration of our
Constitutional Republican form
of government, and our Liberty

Government can't save us.
The people must save themselves
their loved ones, our state 

State Senator Breslin
all Democrats, and any
Republicans, who support
amnesty for illegal aliens
and sanctuary status for
illegal aliens anywhere in
NY State,
should be defeated at the
polls, November 4. 

Voters who vote the party line
November 4, in the 44th State
Senate District are voting to
destroy NYS, America, them-
selves and their loved ones.

Casting a write in vote for
State Senator District 44
and any other office, is the
cure for political tyranny.

Democratic control of the
State Senate would be a disaster
for New York and all New Yorkers. 

Leaving Senator Breslin
unopposed, thereby  giving
voters of the 44th State Senate
District any voice in the
outcome of the struggle for
the state senate, amounts to
political tyranny.

Therefore, I present myself
as a
write in candidate for NYS
Senate District 44 .

Write in (print) my name

Joe Sullivan

in the write in space for
State Senate District 44.

Be sure to fill in the oval.

The District includes the Cities
of Albany, Troy, Watervliet
and Cohoes, as well as the
Towns of Colonie and Bethlehem.

My resume includes:

 * significant experience
in State Government having
been part of the Governor
Hugh Carey administration 
Chief of Staff to State Senator
Howard Nolan, and close
confident of Assemblyman
Dick Conners.

* retired as state senate staffer
in 1992.

*  a professional Geographer
with a BS from U of Wisconsin
Madison; and MA from U Minnesota

I stand for points 1-10 above.

When you write in Joe Sullivan
it sends a message to the Governor
and State Senate that you stand
for one or more of the 10 positions
which I advocate.

The Government can't save us.
We must save ourselves, our loved
ones, the state, nation, our
constitutional form of government
and our Liberty.

A solemn challenge for each of us.

Pass the word to all you know.

Thank you.

God Bless America. It is up to
us to help save America by casting
informed votes, November 4.
Polls open 6 am - 9 pm. Vote
absentee is you are not able to
go to the polls that day.

                          Joe Sullivan

                          Tel  438 5230

website: read nationally and
worldwide - 


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