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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


1.  Volcanic eruptions : Mt Peaktu


Westerly winds carry fall out to
North America. Nuclear winter
effect could devastate U S.

2. Commander In Chief? Sending
American troops to Africa to combat
Ebola? Foolhardy!  Could decimate
our military and put all Americans
in grave danger.

Look at diseases which have been
brought to U S by President Obama
unlawfully bringing hundreds of 
thousands of ,illegal aliens here
from Latin America, and distributing
them all over the USA, spreading
drug resistant TB, Polio, lice and
much more. Insane!

3. President Obama, his administration
the Courts, and Democratic officeholders
at the federal, state and local levels and
enrolled Democratic voters who blindly
follow the Democratic Party agenda
which is destroying America as well
as our Liberty.

Informed voters voting out the offenders
and rejecting their agenda is the cure.

Our own government is a more immediate
threat to America, and all Americans than

ISIS is not to be discounted, but can be

A. Secure our Southern border.

B. Ally with Asad in Syria, rather
than trying to remove him. Enlist
him and his military against ISIS.

C. Ally with Asad's supporters, Russia
and Iran, to defeat ISIS.

C. Arm the Kurds who are true
allies of the USA.  The Kurds will
make short work of ISIS.

D. Ally with the Egyptian military.
They ousted the Muslim Brotherhood
who Obama and Hillary supported.

E. Congress  must clip Obama's wings
and not allow his dictatorial behavior.
Use the power of the purse and
abolish/downsize, de-fund the federal
departments and agencies, including
the EPA, Education: Obamacre and
much more.

Restrict his use of military aircraft
for vacations and political campaigning.

Impeach him for violating his oath of
office, trashing the Constitution, acting
as a tin horn dictator, bypassing Congress
breaking immigration and other laws
failing to secure our borders, bringing
and spreading diseases to the US
destroying the finest medical care in
the world through Obamacare,
downsizing our military and navy
unilaterally disarming our country
when we need a strong military more 
than ever, destroying our economy and
the middle class, and for incompetence.

A huge turnout of  voters casting
informed votes in federal and state
elections, November 4th can put
America on a sound Constitutional
course, restoring our Republic
economy and Liberty.

In the final analysis it is the people
who can save themselves, their loved
ones, our Liberty and our government 
using the power of the vote beginning
with the November 4, 2014 elections

                                  Joe Sullivan


                                      Joe Sullivan

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