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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


It is ironic that The Federal Trade Commission is
warning citizens about a variety telephone and
internet scams

while the Federal Government, and their mainstream
media mouthpieces, are scamming the unwary citizenry 
regarding issues that impact the survival of America
our Constitutional Republican form of government
our way of live, and the survival of every American? 


* border security   failure- allowing tens of millions
   of lawbreakers to invade our land and destroy
   our culture, language and way of life

* negotiating with Iran, to allow them to get
  nuclear weapons capability so they can destroy
  Israel and "The Great Satan"  (us)

* amnesty for illegal alien invaders giving
   them drivers' licenses, allowing them to
   register and vote, go on the dole, and more

* IRS tax credits to reward illegal lawbreakers
   with refunds

* "Dream Act" to bestow educational benefits
     on  illegals

* Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)= control of your body

* Universal Pre-K and Common Core = mind control

* Family Promise Programs to destroy local zoning
   residential neighborhood integrity/quality of life
   and local government property tax bases, making
   local government dependent on HUD for revenue

* Second Amendment  control = take away your guns
   and bullets so you can't oppose a tyrannical government
   or defend yourself , your loved ones and your home
   from the growing lawless element of society 

* First Amendment control  = "Net Neutrality"  FCC control
   of internet content and independent citizen bloggers.

   FEC control of conservative talk radio coming soon
   with "Fairness Doctrine" Regs

   Government officeholders at every level from
   President, to Congress, state, local and their
   agencies failing to uphold the Constitution and
   honor their oaths of office

   The list goes on and on......

  You get the idea...if you don't ,we ,and you,are doomed.

                                                     Joe Sullivan


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