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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Israeli PM Netanyahu, a real
leader, a real man, told Congress
and the American people clearly
where he and the Israeli's stand
regarding Iran' drive to develop
nuclear weapons.

The Congress and American
people will make a fatal mistake
if they support making a deal
with a foe that has sworn wipe
Israel off the face of the earth
and to do the same with
The Great Satan"  (us).

Missiles are being placed 
in Venezuela for just that

Try negotiating with a
scorpion. Futile!

Britain's Neville Chamberlain
appeased Hitler. How did that
work out?

A nuclear Iran, a nuclear North
Korea, a nuclear Middle East
would plunge the world into
a nuclear winter , and produce
climate change on a grand
scale, that has,t been seen
from glacial times, and 
that EPA
carbon emission regulations
will not prevent.

It really won't matter for
there will be few, if any

The world we have known
will be no more.

There will be no winners.

There will be no one to
write the story of what
happened, how and why?

                       Joe Sullivan 


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