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Friday, October 9, 2015

UPDATE 12 Oct 2015

Albany, NY is fast becoming
Detroit on the Hudson.

A 12 million dollar plus
gap in the proposed city
budget for next year.

One third of the housing
units in the city are owner
occupied mostly by aging
homeowners with declining
or fixed incomes.

The single family residential
zoned neighborhoods pay the
lion's share of the property taxes
that support city schools and
city government services.

The City Administration is
in the process of rezoning
and reassessing these
neighborhoods  in accordance
with the federal (HUD) agenda
to social engineer the socioeconomic
character of these largely white
higher income neighborhoods.

The plan is to redistribute the
poverty by building  high rise
low income, subsidized housing
in these neighborhoods.

This is part and parcel of the
Obama plan to grant amnesty
to the tens of millions of
illegals who have invaded
our Nation and to resettle
hundreds of thousands of
"refugees" from the Middle
East and Africa, largely
Muslims , throughout America.


Transformation of America
right down to your residential

Family Promise, Bethany Reformed
Church, Mater Christi and other
churches and synagogues in the
City of Albany, as well as suburban
towns in the county, who are participating
in the Family Promise homeless empire
are sowing the seeds of destroying the
residential integrity and quality of life
of single family residential zoned
neighborhoods and property tax
bases, in the City of Albany
and  the County of Albany
whether, intentionally, or not. 

HUD will reward compliant
municipalities with generous
cash grants. Perhaps, partcipating
not for profits, churches and
synagogues too?

In the case of Albany, this
will help the present Mayor
balance the books.. for a
little while.

However, in a few years the
residential integrity and
character of those single
family residentially zoned
neighborhoods will be
destroyed. Property values 
will fall, a mass exodus of
single family homeowners
will occur,  the city tax base
will decline. Support for city
schools and city government
services will dry up.

The transformation of Albany
to Detroit on the Hudson will
be complete.

What of the current Mayor?
The Mayor will be long gone
rewarded with a high paying
administrative post in the
federal government.

The Article 78  proceeding which
I brought to Annul the Albany
City Board of Zoning Appeals
decision granting Family Promise
and Bethany from destroying
the residential integrity integrity
of the Buckingham Pond Crestwood
and adjacent single family zoned
residential neighborhoods, by
converting the use of the vacant
parsonage at 738 New Scotland
Avenue , to a regional  homeless
social services "hub", asks the Court
to uphold the City Code Administrator's
denial of the Family Promise
application for a permit to convert
738 New Scotland Avenue, to a
homeless, social services hub is
the correct interpretation of the
City Code.

The Supreme Court will decide
this case  after the November 3

Do you suppose that the
Common Council will quietly
vote to change the City Zoning Code
at the last meeting in December?

Residents of single family zoned
districts in the Towns of Albany
County, pay attention, you are

You might check with candidates
for Town Board and County
Legislature seats in the November
Election, to see where they stand
on this issue.  School Board candidates

Be sure to do this before the
November 3 Election.

Enjoy Albany's new theme
song. Check to see if it on the
juke box when you hit your
favorite watering hole tonight.

                                Joe Sullivan

UPDATE 12 Oct 2015

The song of flight. Albany homeowners.
Some will go South, others West:


(followed by the Magpie)
                                 Joe Sullivan




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