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Sunday, October 4, 2015


Joseph P Sullivan is the Conservative
(Row C) and  Reform (Row H)
candidate for Albany County Legislator
District 10 in the November 3 General
Election. Polls open 6 AM to 9 PM.

District 10 is entirely in the City of
Albany and includes the following
Wards/Election Districts - 8-3, 8-4
8-6. 9-2, 9-9, 10-1, 14-3, 14-4, 14-5
14-6, 14-7 and 14-8.

The 10th district is largely comprised
of the last, best single family neighbor-
hoods in the City of Albany.

The district includes St Peter's Hospital
several neighborhood commercial zones
along New Scotland Avenue,  between
South Main Ave and the NYS Thruway
Crestwood Plaza, on Whitehall Road
the CP Center,Temple Israel, Mercy
Convent, Maria College, Bethany
Reformed and Mater Christi  Churches
Ohav Shalom Synagogue and several
apartment zones including South Allen St
Hackett Blvd,Weis Rd and Picotte Dr and
Ohav Shalom Senior apartments on 
Krum Kill Rd

Sullivan has served as Buckingham
Pond Crestwood Neighborhood
Association President for the past
30 years.

The main objective of the BPCNA
has been to maintain/improve the
residential integrity/quality of
life of the neighborhood.

To that end, Sullivan's leadership
has resulted in saving open spaces
including green spaces along
New Scotland Avenue at South
Manning, Krum Kill and Whitehall
blocking a plan to build luxury housing
and rezoning Albany Muni Golf Course
Land Conservation (LC) - park land
resulting in creation of the Hartman
Rd Community Garden; rezoning
Buckingham Pond, and shore area
LC which created Buckingham Pond
Park and subsequent improvements
to the park over the years.

Sullivan provided leadership that
resulted in blocking undesirable
land use changes that would have
adversely impacted the residential
integrity of the neighborhood
including a proposed big box store
at Krum Kill and New Scotland
a 12 story apartment house-
parking garage on Krum Kill Rd
converting Mercy Convent to office
space, siting a halfway house for
drug treatment at the NW corner
of South Manning and New Scotland
Avenue and building a 3rd middle
school at Whitehall and New Scotland
or along Krum Kill Rd bordering
Crescent Dr.

Read the neighborhood website
for the past decade, but particularly
posts from January to present in

for much more, including an
update on the Article 78  Sullivan
has before the State Supreme
Court to annul the Albany City
BZA determination which over
ruled the City Code Administrator's
denial of the Bethany Family Promise
application to operate their proposed
Capital Region homeless social 
services program hub out of 738 New
Scotland Avenue - which is not a
permitted use of a single family
dwelling in this single family
residential zoned neighborhood
pursuant to the Albany City
Zoning Code.

If left to stand the BZA action
will have a disastrous impact
on neighborhood home values
the city tax base and
support for city schools and
city services.

Something that a city on the
verge of bankruptcy, with a
12 million dollar plus budget
shortfall, can not survive.

Explore the posts on this blog
right side links including:
Urban Blight,  Welfare Spending
Unsustainable and more.

You can also search topics
like albany city schools by
entering  topics in the
search bar at the top of
Lonerangeralbany and

Sullivan's priorities as County
Legislator include:

1. Upholding his oath of office 
    the U.S and NYS Constitution

2. Representing the residents of
    the 10th District, and County
    of Albany, to the best of his ability

3. Maintaining/improving the
   residential integrity/quality of
   life of this largely single family
   residential zoned district.

   Click on Urban Blight link
   right side of this blog.

4. Working to keep local farmers
   and farmland as a vital source
   of local food production

5. Improving education in Albany
    schools, which includes return
    to K-8 neighborhood schools
    rejecting common core, a return
    to local-state control of education
    and improved graduation rates.


6. Tapping into the 765 KV Quebec
     to NYC hydro power line that
     will be built through Albany in
     the near future, to help reduce
     electric rates and provide a
     reliable source of clean energy 
     for local homes, schools, hospitals
     and businesses.

7.  Curbing social services expenses
     and abuses. Social services spending
     is the major portion of the county
     budget and the social services burden
     falls most heavily on the City of Albany.
     Sullivan, as county legislator, will
     request a full review and audit of
     county social services to determine
     who collects what and for how long
     and to purge the county social service
     rolls of illegal aliens and double-triple
     dippers who travel to collect benefits
     in other counties/states under multiple
     assumed names.

     Click on Welfare Spending 
     Unsustainable  link right side of blog.


8.  Sullivan will do his best to be an
     informed representative, helping to
     create an  informed electorate
     which goes to the polls to vote in
     greater numbers casting informed
     votes rather than blind party line

     This is essential to the survival of
     our Nation, state, city and neighbor-
     hoods as well as to the survival of
     each and every citizen.

     More personal responsibilty and
     less reliance on and interference
     from government is essential to
     protecting our Liberty.

                             Joseph P Sullivan


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