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Monday, April 17, 2017

SULLIVAN FOR       For Release
ALBANY MAYOR    April 18, 2017
Joseph P Sullivan will run for City of
Albany Mayor on the Conservative
Party ballot line (Row C) in the
November 2017 General Election.

Sullivan is the Albany City
Conservative Leader  and has
served as Buckingham Pond/Crestwood
Neighborhood Association Leader
for the past third of a century.

Read present and past posts on:

Sullivan was the Conservative Party
candidate for Albany Mayor  in 2013.

His positions on issues in 2013 can
be read by clicking on Albany Mayor
2013 link , right column of his
lonerangeralbany blog.

Sullivan's blogs are read locally, nationally
and world wide.

Sullivan  holds degrees in Geography
from the University of Wisconsin, Madison
( BS , attended on the Korean GI Bill and
Tuition scholarships), and the University
of Minnesota, Minneapolis ( MA attended
on a National Fellowship).

Geography is the study of the interrelation-
ships of humans and their environments
within frameworks of place and time.

The major issues in the 2017 City elections

1. Restoring the City of Albany to fiscal
solvency, and

2. Security / public safety

Sullivan says that restoring the City of
Albany to fiscal solvency requires:

a) Tabling  Rezone Albany for the
remainder of 2017.  The 5 member 
Common Council  Planning, Economic 
Development and Land Use Committee
can accomplish this by at least 3 of the 5
committee members voting to table and
not report the proposed Rezone Albany 
Ordinance and Map.

The names, bios and contact information 
for the committee are available here:

Call/write each asking that
they vote to table and hold in
committee for the remainder of
2017 -  The Rezone Albany
proposed ordinance No. 26.31.17.


It is vital that City voters, particularly
in the current R 1B single family residential
districts  (Wards 4, 8,9,12,13,14 and 15)
fully understand how Rezone Albany
will impact their neighborhood residential
integrity and quality of life, home values
and the City property tax base that supports
City schools and City government services.

The candidates for  Mayor, Common Council
President, Treasurer and Auditor, citywide
and 15 Common Council Ward seats  should
support tabling Rezone Albany for the remainder
of 2017 and should declare whether or not
they support retaining the existing R 1B
single family residential  zoning districts/ maps
definitions, permitted uses, provisions and

Voters should inquire  where the candidates
stand on this question when asked to sign
candidate designating petitions in June and
vote in the September party primaries and
November General Election.

b) The Mayor and Common Council must
rescind Sanctuary City policies, honor their
oaths of office and uphold U S Immigration
Law.  Failure to do so will result in Albany
losing millions of dollars in federal aid.

c) Sullivan proposes that the City schools
be consolidated with City government, one
tax roll established to fund both, the school
board abolished, a return to K-8 neighborhood
schools, the Mayor and Common Council
be held responsible and accountable for
the operation/performance of City schools.

No more school referenda/budget votes
held by the school board/district in
January or May.

To accomplish this, the Common Council
must send a Home Rule Message to the
State Legislature and the Senate-Assembly
Members who represent the City of Albany
must sponsor and promote the required
legislation to  amend State Education Law.

Ideally,  the above three issues should appear
on the November General election ballot as
propositions to be voted upon by City voters.

However, since we know that the powers
that be,  will not place these propositions on
the ballot, a vote for Sullivan in November
will afford City voters the opportunity to
voice their support for, or opposition to, each.

2. Security and public safety are essential
for all citizens of Albany.

Sullivan advocates ending a national search
for police chief ( as well as for Superintendent
of schools). We have capable, qualified, local
professionals to these jobs.

The Mayor should not micro manage the police.
Take the handcuffs off the police and let them
do their job of upholding law and order and
public safety. Zero tolerance for gangs, gun
violence and related crimes

Speed limits and all vehicle and traffic laws
are to be strictly enforced, particularly on
City residential streets.

Citizens should be trained/prepared in emergency
disaster preparedness.

In the final analysis, government can't save
us. We the people,  must save ourselves and
save our government from itself.

We elect government office holders to serve
not rule us or control every aspect of our lives. 

Listen to interviews:

Read, Times Union:

                                                  Joe Sullivan

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