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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

To Members of the Albany City
Common Council Committee
Planning, Economic Development
and Land use.    April 26, 2017

Hon Chair  Herring, Members
Bailey, Fahey, Golby, Kimbrough 

Respectfully request that you
table, and hold in committee
Ordinance No. 26.31.17 
Rezone Albany and Map 
for the remainder of 2017, and
until a new Mayor and Common
Council elected in the November
7, 2017 election are sworn in.

The Rezone Albany Ordinance
provisions and implications should
be fully understood by the voters
and the voters should be aware of
where the candidates for Citywide
and Common Council
stand on this issue, when asked to
sign candidate designating petitions
in June, and asked to vote for
candidates in the September 12
2017 party primaries and November
7, 2017 General Election.

Refer to my Statement for Entry
into the Common Council Hearing
on this matter.

                             Joseph P Sullivan

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