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Friday, May 5, 2017


Read posts this website for March
and April , also:
to better understand why
the proposed Rezone Albany Ordinance
should be Tabled and Held in Committee
until January 2018. 


May 10 , 2017 6 pm meeting of Albany
Common Council Planning Committee
City Hall  Albany. Public Comments
may be made by City residents.

The 5 members of the Albany 
Common Council Planning
Committee should vote to
Table  Ordinance 26.31.17
Rezone Albany and hold
the bill in Committee until
a new Mayor and Common
Council takes office in
January 2018.

If 3 of the 5 members of the
Committee vote to Table and
Hold in Committee Ordinance
26.31.17 until January 2018
the provisions of the existing
Albany City Zoning Code
protecting the residential integrity
quality of life, home values and
City property tax base which
supports City schools and City
government services, will remain

Chair: Dan Herring (W13)
             518 438 7527

Ron Bailey (W3)  518 300 8797

Kelly Kimbrough (W4) 518 250 9267

Catherine Fahey (W7) 518 482 6159

Leah Golby (W10) 518 209 1244

Attend the May 10 meeting and
voice your support to Table and
Hold in Committee until January
2018, the proposed Rezone Albany
Ordinance 26.31.17.

Or, better yet, contact the 5 Committee
Members, in advance of the May 10
meeting asking them to so vote.

One man, holds the fate of Albany
in his hands...13th Ward Common
Council Member Dan Herring, Chair
of the Planning Committee and sponsor
of the Rezone Albany Ordinance.

Dan has announced he is not seeking
reelection. Thus, he is not obligated
to report this bill out of Committee.

If Dan would strike the enacting clause
of Ordinance 26.31.17  the Rezone
Albany Ordinance would be neutered
saving Albany from becoming Detroit
on the Hudson.

Will Dan do the right thing for the
City and people of Albany?

Contact Dan, now,  and tell him to strike
the enacting clause of  Rezone Albany.

518 438 7527

Pay attention Albany residents, act now
or you will pay later.

                                        Joe Sullivan     

For all 15 Common Council Members
and Council President contact info:


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