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Saturday, July 22, 2017


Conservative Mayoral candidate, and
City Conservative Leader, Joe Sullivan
has filed Opportunity to Ballot (OTB)
petitions for the September 12 Primary
for City Court Judge (3 seats)  and
Common Council in Wards 1, 8,11, 12
14 and 15.

In addition, John Mahoney( enrolled
Conservative ,Ward 9) and Tim Looker 
enrolled Republican, Ward 13) will appear
on the November 7 General Election
ballot, along with the candidates who
are selected in the  September 12
Conservative Primary for the 3 City
Court seats and Council seats in Wards
1,8,11,12,14, and 15.

Candidates need not be enrolled in 
any political party. However, only
enrolled  City Conservative Party 
Members may vote in the September
12 Conservative Primary. Polls open
Noon - 9 PM.

Fiscal insolvency, increased crime
failing schools, a growing dependent
population and lack of jobs are the
legacy of one party control of City
government by self- identified
"progressives" who have high jacked
City schools and City government as
well as the once proud Democratic

Albany City government needs
diversity and a return to limited
government grounded in the
Constitution and traditional American

City Court Judge candidates who
will uphold the law and Constitution
in particular the Second Amendment
Rights of law abiding citizens to bear
arms are welcome to compete for the
Conservative Party line.

This includes the 7 known candidates
as well as any resident of the City who
is a qualified attorney.  

Common Council candidates who 
will truly represent the needs and
wishes of those ward residents who
elect them, are invited to seek the
Conservative ballot line in Wards
1, 8, 11, 12, 14 and 15.

Interested candidates may contact
me or directly seek the votes of
enrolled City of Albany Conservative
Party Members  city wide, or in the
particular wards, based on which
public office they seek. 

                                 Joe Sullivan


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