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Thursday, April 8, 2010


The Jihadists have made war on Europe

and America once more.

Barack Hussain Obama is Commander

In Chief, but it is questionable whose

side he is on. His loyalty to America is

suspect. His statements and behavior

with regard to the War on Terror and

his unilateral disarmament initiatives

invite our enemies to attack us.

Obama has declared that America is not
a christian nation.

He has bowed and pandered to our foes.

He denies that we are at war with the

Islamic Jihadists who have attacked

us, and who seek destroy America, subjugate

or kill Americans and plunder our land.

The New York Post has it right:

Obama is in denial, as are his leftist

supporters. Many more Americans are


Walk your local streets and count the

number of homes proudly displaying

the American flag, and the number

that do not.

Barack Hussain Obama is no

Charles The Hammer. Not even close.

BHO is a weak apologist and appeaser

with no military experience who is not fit

to command the world's finest military

nor to defend America

from being overrun by our Islamic


Obama is clearly not the man for the


He has sworn to fundamentally

(radically) transform America and

is well on the way to doing so with

the complicity of his Democratic

Majority in Congress.

Obama's conduct, behavior, statements

and actions as President amount to

an abuse of power and abrogation of

his oath of office "to preserve, defend

protect the Constitution of the United


His behavior as President and

Commander in Chief

is nothing less than treasoness.

The time has come to consider

Impeachment of Barack Hussain Obama.


The Constitution provides that the House

of Representatives initiate Impreachment

and the Senate hold the trial.

Therefore, it is imperative that American

voters, in the 2010 elections, unseat

Members of Congress who

are complicit in Obama's abuse of office

and goal of fundamentally (radically)

transforming America.

Begin with those Members of Congress

who voted for Obamacare.

Locally it was Tonko (CD21), Murphy (CD22)

and both our U S Senators- Schumer and


Joe Sullivan

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