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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Security is the priority issue. While we are
not safe, nothing else matters.

Secure our national borders and ports, now!

No amnesty for illegal aliens. No jobs or other
benefits for them. They will go back to their
places of origin voluntarily.

Deny federal aid to sanctuary cities who are
flaunting immigration law.

Require the U S Census determine citizenship
of each individual counted.

Require boards of elections to verify the
citizenship of all voters. The same for
school boards and school districts in
school budget votes.

Embargo any money being sent to Mexico
and any travel between the USA and Mexico
until the Mexican government puts and end
to drugs and illegal aliens entering the USA.

America's survival is on the line.

The fundamental obligation of Congress and
The President (Commander In Chief) is to
keep America, and all Americans, safe.
In other words: our national security.

This obligation must take precedence, now!

Joe Sullivan

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