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Thursday, February 10, 2011


The regime change underway in Egypt is
not about extending democracy to the

Events taking place in Egypt are the
playoffs in the coming Oil Super Bowl.

The Muslim Brotherhood will emerge
in control of Egypt and control the flow
of oil through the Suez Canal to Europe
and the United States.

Oil is the lifeblood of Europe and America.

Reduced oil flow will mean no economic

Higher oil prices, followed by scarcity
rationing and eventually no oil available
at any price, will bring Europe and
America to their knees.

Saudi Arabia and Iraq are the Mideast
Super Bowl. Regime changes there will
spell the end for Europe and America.

British PM Cameron has it right on
the threat of multiculturalism.

Europe and North America have allowed
the Trojan horse of Muslim immigration
to breech the walls of national security.

The rise of global Islamic dominance is
at hand.

The ultimate blame  for this and all that
is wrong in the U S today, lies with an
apathetic, uninformed electorate which
have allowed control of schools ,our
local, state and federal governments
media and their minds,  to wind up in
the hands of politically correct, self-styled

The progressives and  Islamists are
partners in a quest for global control.
But, only one will prevail. It will not
be the progressives!

When a singer can't sing the National
Anthem correctly at the Super Bowl
all the world can see that America
is ripe for the taking.

Barack Hussain Obama is no Charles
The Hammer. No one in Congresss
appears to have the courage to begin
Impeachment of a President and erstwhile
Commander in Chief who has failed
to uphold his Constitutional Oath to
defend America from all enemies
foreign, and, now, domestic.

Forget about 2012, gameover by then.

Muslims are the likely victors in this
current installment of a centuries old

No Miss America pagent likely next
year. Bikinis will, be out, Burkas in.

                                   Joe  Sullivan


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