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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Obamacare unconstitutional, null, void
rules Justice Vinson.  Excellent ruling.

However, a different ruling can be
expected from the Supreme (Obama)

Governor Cuomo inspires hope for
New Yorkers in budget address.


President Mubarak announces he
will not seek re-election.

President Obama should do likewise.

Concentrate his efforts on keeping
America and Americans safe. Secure
our borders/ports. End sanctuary
status for illegals. No amnesty. No
benefits of any kind to those here
illegally. Embargo all transfers of
funds to, and trade with Mexico
until the Mexican government
cooperate  with U S to secure our
common border, ending illegal
migration and the drug trade.

No Iranian missles in Venezuela.

NATO should act to keep the
Suez Canal and Strait of Gibralter
open to ensure the flow of oil to
Western, Northern and Southern
Europe, as well as U.S.

Oil is the lifeblood of the economies
and ways of life in Europe and America.

Oil is essential for our common defense
and to conduct military/naval/air offensives
where  and when required.

World War III is underway. When we
deny this, and fail to act to defend our
homeland and overseas interests; we do
so at our own peril.

There will be no second chances.

                                     Joe Sullivan


1 comment:

Morgan Ravenhurst. said...

I understand that all wars are now basicly about oil, but you cannot really say it's world war III when not all nations are involved.