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Monday, February 28, 2011


The NYS Consitution provides that the
legislative power of the state shall be
vested in the senate and assembly.
(ART III, Sec 1)

The NYS Constitution further provides
that aliens (legal or illegal) not be counted
when apportioning population and drawing
district lines. (ART III, Secs 4 and 5-a)

The 2010 U S Census failed to determine
the citizenship of respondents to the census.

Therefore, pursuant to Art III, Sec 4 of the
NYS Constitution the state legislature  shall
provide for the necessary enumeration of
population (excluding aliens) required  to
draw district lines.

The Redistricting Reform Act of 2011
S3419/A5288  should be held in committee.

It is not plausible that a politically
appointed " Independent Redistricting
Commission", consisting of Democrats
and Republicans, only, and a federal
census that failed to exclude aliens from
enumeration, can be counted upon to
protect the public's interest in fair and
proper elections.

The senate and assembly should exercise
their Constitutional power to draw new
congressional and state legislative districts
based on a new state enumeration of
population that exludes aliens.

County, city,  town election district lines
and school district lines, should be drawn
on new enumerations of population that
exclude aliens, pursuant to the NYS

New York State is overrun with illegal
aliens who burden taxpayers with costs
for social services, education, medical care
law enforcement and prisons, as well as
depriving  New Yorkers who are legal
state residents ,and U S Citizens, of jobs.

The State Legislature should prohibit
sanctuary status for illegal aliens in
the state, and every political subdivision
thereof.  Any county, city, town, village
and school district failing to comply
should be denied any form of  federal
and state aid.

Such action would result in reducing
state spending on social services, mediacid
police and fire services, and prisons; reduce
the state budget gap and provide property
tax relief.

                                          Joe Sullivan

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