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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Politically correct infidels are an
easy mark for the Holy Warriors
who are bent on the conquest of
Europe and America.

Americans, realize it or not, admit
it or deny it, are engaged in a real
life survival  drama which is rapidly
playing out before our eyes.

The main stream news media is not
objectively informing Americans of
the peril that we all face in the coming
days, weeks and months.

We need more objective information
rather than subjective opinions.


We are on the receiving end of Jihad
or Holy War.  It is only a matter of
time before the systematic, devestating
terror attacks are unleashed on our

Is anyone really ready?

Are we no longer holy or warriors as
a people?

The media has the solemn responsibity
of  presenting objective, balanced analysis
of the facts on the vital issue of Homeland

Additionally, the media should inform
the public what threats and dangers exist
and what the public must do to save
themselves, their loved ones and their

What did NYC Police Commissioner
Kelly and MTA Security Director Zeigler
have to say at the April 8 NYC public

Why are no similar public hearings
at the state and local levels, being held
in the Capital District?

All New York is a priority target of
our foes.

Wise up and be ready!

Government can't save us; we must
save ourselves and the government.

The survival of the media is on the
line as well. The people can not save
you; you must save yourselves and
save us.

Partner with the people, not the
politicians and special interests!

                                 Joe Sullivan


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