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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hard times are here for all. The worst
is yet to come.

Social services and related spending
makes up the lion's share of the Albany
County budget.

In the City of Albany 70 percent of
the city school population comes from
households that do not pay property
taxes to support city schools and city
or county governments.

Social services scams such as this
can no longer be tolerated:

This is but the tip of the social services
abuse ice berg.
This is an election year for the Albany
County Executive, Comptroller and all
County Legislators.
Incumbents, challengers and voters
must address the need for an immediate
comprehensive review of all social services
and related, spending in Albany County
and City.
Who is receiving what kind of assistance?
How much? Correlate all forms of assistance
including government (taxpayer) funded
benefits and other assistance such as food
pantries, assistance furnished by churches
schools, medical providers and other sources.
How many illegal aliens are receiving these
How many "traveling people"  collect these
benefits in New York and adjacent states?
A burgeoning dependent population can
not be sustained by a shrinking population
of elderly homeowner property taxpayers
trying to exist on fixed incomes.
Families and individuals, who are able
are fleeing the City of Albany. Who will be
left to pay for city services and city schools?
                                         Joe Sullivan

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