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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today's Times Union headline tells of
the dreaded layoffs of state workers:

No one in the Albany or the Capital
District should take joy at this prospect.

The state workforce is to Albany, what
the iron and steel industry was to Buffalo.

Cuts in the state workforce will negatively
impact the private sector. Less shopping
at supermarkets and mall stores, which
means less sales tax revenues for county
governments.  Less income for repairmen
lawn maintenance outfits and others who
service homeowners. The entire private
sector will adversely be impacted.

Less property tax revenue, which will
have to be made up by remaining home
owners, in particular, the large sector of
elderly homeowners on fixed incomes
that dwell in Albany, Troy, Watervliet
Cohoes and Schenectady.

Less home sales. Less vehicle sales.

More spending on social services and
related government programs.

Want to really cut spending?  Governor
Cuomo should take on the political third
rail of real welfare reforms, focusing on
the myriad abuses rampant in that sytem.

Social services, medicaid, law enforcement
prisons and schools account for the major
spending incurred by cities, counties and
the state.

New York state and most of it's political
subdivisions, including the City of Albany
have embraced the policy of sanctuary
status for the huge number of illegal
aliens present. This population adds
significantly to spending on social services
education, medical care and corrections.

More illegals means more spending,  less
tax revenue and fewer jobs for citizens.

There are many times the number of
persons on welfare than employed in the
state workforce.

Supporting a growing dependent population
that can not carry it's own weight or
contribute to the betterment of society is
not sustainable in these hard economic times.

The message to Governor Cuomo and the
state Legislature is: (1) deal with real social

services reforms and (2) end sanctaury status
for the millions of illegal aliens who have
invaded our state.

Only then ,will New York get out of control
social services, and related, spending ,under

Only then, will homeowners and businesses
realize real property tax relief.

Only then, will New York be on the road
to economic recovery.

                                              Joe Sullivan



Norma said...

Maybe everyone in NY should work for the government and then you could enjoy all the fruits of a booming economy.

Carl Gottstein Jr. said...

When will we wise up? The unions are no longer serving the people. The politicians with rare exception? Ditto. How can it be ok to arbitrarily toss 1000 family's out on thier ears? Attrition. Empty Line item cuts. permitting humane reductions in staff levels, Huomo is a nightmare.