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Thursday, June 16, 2011


For years numerous posts about the
"White Death" have appeared on
Lonerangeralbany and bpcnanews.
Consult archives of both websites.

WAMC reports that attention is being
focused on the impacts of excessive
applications of road salt on ecosystems.

Good  news!  

Public health impacts need to be analyzed

Is it possible that, in hard economic times
local and state governments will reduce
their budgets for road salt and seek
alternatives, like drivers slowing down
when road/weather conditions require
and using alternatives like sand?

It is no wonder our transporation
infrastructure, including bridges and
roads, as well as our expensive vehicles
homes and building are corroding away.

Why is the medical community not
studying the adverse effects of excessive
road salt dumping on public health. In
particular breathing air laden with a
mix of vehicle emissions and airborne
road salt?  Persons with high blood
pressure are told to limit their dietary
intake of salt. Should they also stop
breathing?  What about the increase
in asthma and other respiratory conditions
particularly among children?

Where are the NYS Health Dept and
local health care providers, like Albany
Med and St Peter's Hospital on this issue?

                                       Joe Sullivan

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